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ACKACKACK is an interesting one. Yet another sample from my personal board. It's a knobless fuzz that I designed for one very specific purpose. To totally annihilate the front end of an amp, or more useful to me, the input of other effects in the chain. ACKACKACK was designed to be very lows/bass heavy, very abrupt, very loud, and with the slightest hint of feedback. This is one of my absolute favorite ways to bring things heavy in a quick way. Being that there are no external controls, it's guaranteed to do one thing every single time you turn it on. Think of a solo boost....but solo explosion.  


don't want them, don't need them. 

True Bypass

High quality Neutrik jacks

125b  uv printed enclosure

Built from start to finish in the USA

9V Standard negative ground power

measures 4.67"x3.68"x1.5"

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