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COYOTE BROTHER is something we thought we'd never see. The Pine-Box take on the legendary 3-knob distortion/fuzz.

While I, Jordan, have believed for years that THAT pedal makes a terrible fuzz, you simply cannot argue about its capabilities as a distortion. With a few tweaks to the tone stack, and a lot of tweaks to it's gain characteristics, you can nearly remove it's fuzziness, add versatility with it's sustain/lack thereof and make it the distortion pedal we always knew it could be. We will not get into the specifics here as I am as far removed from a collector-obsessor. I can tell you that Coyote Brother has 6 sides, was built in Memphis, TN, and has never met a mountain sheep. COYOTE BROTHER is the second offering in the Small Batch Series!


VOLUME- controls the overall output volume

TONE- acts as a filter control. lows left, highs right.

SUSTAIN- controls the amount of gain/saturation

True Bypass

High quality Neutrik jacks

125b  uv printed enclosure

Built from start to finish in the USA

9V Standard negative ground power

measures 4.67"x3.68"x1.5"

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