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FAR v2


FAR is the third offering in "The Wild Series"
Originally released as an internally tweak-able one knob fuzz, FAR has transformed into an incredibly versatile medium gain fuzz with distortion like character. 

V2 updates bring the internal controls to the outside of the enclosure and allow you to control the volume, front end lows, gain, and tone. V2 also sports a more durable UV printing and board mounted instrument and DC jacks. 

FAR shines in medium gain territories. FAR stands alone in the series as it offers lots of distortion like sustain. FAR is a different flavor of fuzz all together than what you will typically see from Pine-Box. Far sits in the medium gain range, but can do lower gain sounds well, and works really well to push other pedals, or slam the front end of any amp.  Like all pedals in "The Wild Series" , FAR is made in small batches in Memphis, TN. 


VOLUME- controls the overall output volume of the pedal

LOWS- boosts lows on the front end of the circuit

GAIN- controls the amount of gain

TONE- standard low pass filter on the output section

True Bypass

High quality rean jacks

Built from start to finish in the USA

9V Standard negative ground power

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