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GOOD/BAD is a bold take on the legendary three-knob Tonebender. While we have done Tonebenderesque pedals in the past, GOOD/BAD is not only the closest to the original (though its not very close) it is by far the heaviest. GOOD/BAD ranges from a slightly fuzzy preamp, to a full blown distortion-fuzz.

GOOD/BAD is currently the heaviest fuzz in the Pine-Box lineup thanks to high gain transistors and a very specific bias point. We went back to the basics on this one. All through hole components, all panel mounted jacks, and all transistors measured and selected by hand. Each device is carefully tested not only for function, but for sonic range. If those reasons aren't enough, each unit will ship with your very own pair of 3D glasses. 

Available on October 17, 2022. limited to 50 units. 


VOLUME- controls the overall output volume of the pedal

TONE- controls the high/low frequencies in the pedal

DRIVE- controls the overall gain of the circuit

True Bypass

High quality rean jacks

Built from start to finish in the USA

9V Standard negative ground power

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