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INTRODUCING, the Pine-Box Monthly Subscription: a NEW limited run pedal subscription service offered once each month by Pine-Box Customs!  Every month from November 2022 - December 2023, Pine-Box will be releasing a brand new Small Batch Series pedal, but buyer beware: only 25-50 pedals will be available worldwide at each Small Batch pedal launch, dependent on time or material constraints.  Once a pedal in the series is made, the pedal will never be made again!  Each Small Batch pedal will be priced at $150 USD per pedal, no matter what it is.  Subscribers will be automatically billed on the 15th of each month, guaranteeing that they will own a unique, original pedal before the pedal is available to the general public.  As a thank-you to my subscription customers, a FREE pedal will be sent at the end of the series (January/February 2024) to every customer that subscribes for a minimum of ten months. The 15th bonus pedal will ONLY be available to subscribers ( i.e., the 15th pedal will NOT be available to the public, EVER).

Small Batch pedals are excluded from the 2022 loyalty program. 


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