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tall v2



TALL is the first offering in "The Wild Series"
Originally released as an internally tweak-able one knob fuzz, TALL has transformed into an incredibly versatile medium gain fuzz. 

V2 updates bring the internal controls to the outside of the enclosure and allow you to control the volume, bias, fuzz, and tone. V2 also sports a more durable UV printing and board mounted instrument and DC jacks. 

TALL shines in medium gain territories. While there is no doubt that this is a fuzz pedal, TALL does the fuzzy overdrive sound REALLY well. It works great stacked before or after any pedals and offers new sounds and different harmonics to your signal. Like all pedals in "The Wild Series" , TALL is made in small batches in Memphis, TN. 


VOLUME- controls the overall output volume of the pedal

BIAS- controls the Voltage to the third gain stage

FUZZ- controls the amount of gain in the circuit

TONE- controls the high/low frequencies in the pedal 

True Bypass

High quality rean jacks

Built from start to finish in the USA

9V Standard negative ground power

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