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STANDARD DEVIATION- A standard deviation (or σ) is a measure of how dispersed the data is in relation to the mean. Low, or small, standard deviation indicates data are clustered tightly around the mean, and high, or large, standard deviation indicates data are more spread out.

STANDARD DEVIATION is a brand new fuzz/verb from Pine-Box Customs! Housing an insanely sustainy? sustainish? sustainshewan? fuzz circuit as well as a belton powered spring reverb. Designed to be a one stop shop for shoegaze and more ambient indie rock settings, Standard Deviation nails the sounds I play and hear in my personal tone search. 



LEVEL- sets the overall output volume

TONE- cuts some of the lows. This type of tone control really helps dial back the lows in higher gain settings. 

GAIN- sets the amount of gain or saturation on the fuzz circuit. brings in quite a bit of low end on higher settings. can start self oscillation at its extremes.


MIX- blends in the amount of reverb you want to come after the fuzz. 100% wet/dry. depending on gain settings and At a higher mix, you get a digital wash that can prove useful in ambient or noise sessions!



True Bypass

High quality Neutrik jacks

Built from start to finish in the USA

9V Standard negative ground power

measures 4.67"x3.68"x1.5"

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